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“Change is the universal law. Those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the good things in the future.”

Stop Mandatory Vaccinations

Its unlawful and a violation of international humanitarian law!

Don't Ignore Threats

Global Instability is nearing its peak and could result in world war anytime.

Global Corruption Everywhere

Corruption cost us $3.5 Trillion during Covid Pandemic in 2021 so far


Ricardo Baretzky is a co-founder among seven International founders in the establishment of The European Centre for Information Policy and Security ECIPS and CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing International Organizations governed by Treaty 124 as Utility Public.
He consults corporates and individual clients in compliance and cyber risks management, ranging from policy to international anti-corruption matters. Baretzky also has significant experience conducting cybercrime investigations and advising clients in international crime and enforcement matters such as cyber risks management and private investigations to anti-corruption regulatory affairs. He recently appeared as an expert speaker before members of The Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee Western Hemisphere Crime United States on issues of cybercrime and legislation reform needed to combat Anti-Cyber-Corruption, AML, and cyber-terror threats. Baretzky recently spoke as Key Expert for the Kyiv Security Forum was launched by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine.


$ Lost in Corruption and Crypto Cyber Crimes since Jan 2021


Children victims of clergy sexually abused by "Priests"


Unexplained death since Jan 2021 by WHO recorded.


And only Reported Covid 19 Death published ???


Political Corruption and Officials need to be held accountable !

Baretzky and Marco Rubio Meet

Baretzky and Marco Rubio Meet

Washington DC

Baretzky and Arseny Yatsenyuk

Baretzky and Arseny Yatsenyuk



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President Baretzky in the News

Baretzky delivered keynote speeches to global audiences from U.S Senate Foreign Relations Committee & United Nations, to National Defence.