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Ricardo Baretzky Speaks before Members of Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Transnational Crime Washington DC Capitol Hill

Ricardo Baretzky Speaks before Members of Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Transnational Crime Washington DC Capitol Hill

ANNUAL CARIBBEAN AMERICAN LEGISLATIVE WEEK WEDN, 21st JUNE Legislative Forum on Capitol Hill, Dirksen Senate Office Building, 1st Street and C Street entrance, Washington, DC

Ricardo Baretzky Speaks before Members of the United States Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Transnational Crime.

In participation of the 19th Annual Caribbean American Legislative Forum, JUNE 21st-22nd in Washington DC.


Mr. Speaker, Members of Congress, Citizens of America and Citizens of the Caribbean:

Today, as we celebrate the 19th Annual Caribbean American Legislative Forum we are reminded of our vision and commitment to path toward that prioritizes the United States-Caribbean relationship and the work that still remains.

Recent threats targeting the US and the Caribbean Community, as well as last month’s first international Cyber Terror attacks on hospitals both in the US and Caribbean by an International terrorist using the Ransom ware “WannaCry”, remind us that while we may be humans divided on policies, we are collectively responsible to fight Cyber Crime and be united in global Law-enforcement in condemning any and all crime and evil in all forms.

US/Caribbean Strategic Engagement Act (HR 4939), which was signed into law by President Obama in December 2016 is of great international importance. However the recent Cyber attacks, have targeted the very heart of [ ], the American generation of truth, liberty and justice, not to say the many ill and sick who were effected by this.

The recent cyber attacks on governments, banks, corporations, and public citizens, have changed not only our perception of cyber security, but also our conscious awareness of cyber security today.

When many hear the words Caribbean they imagine the pirates of the old and beautiful sunsets and its beaches, but what would happen if in the future generation, due to a lack of understanding and responsibility today, it’s remembered as the

“Cyber Pirots of Barbados”

During my opening speech at the first international Counter Terrorism Summit 2013 held in London I emphasized the problems we will face in future – Terrorism-Cyber attacks and radicalism.

And tell me how did our world change since then? What will America look like as we reach the 250th year? What will the Cyber world look like in the future and what kind of nation state will we leave for our children?

Mr. Speaker, Members of Congress and Citizens of America, this threat, is a very real and serious threat. I quoted,

” Cyber terrorist It’s not in the business of selling candies at the candy store”.

During 2014, CYBERPOL predicted that at least 94% of all public computers, will suffer from at least one cyber attack, and be infected. Proven statistics now estimate, this figure has reached 97% during 2016, confirmed by several corporations.

CYBERPOL, will not allow the mistakes of recent decades past, to define the course of our future, today tomorrow and thereafter.

At the first CYBERPOL summit in Brussels 2015 we said, not assumed, Cyber Terror will increase and so it did. Many were not prepared, and paid a high price,

Our observations and unconventional methods of “the Know How” were met with skepticism, by many participants, to whom I personally consulted to, in the past.

Perhaps we still need a second wake-up call.

In short, it can’t be denied, CYBERPOL was necessary and correct,

Let’s turn for a second to why engagement with governments of the Caribbean regions, and assistance to the Caribbean countries in the diversification of their economies, is so important today, and what it could mean to the United States if neglected or prolonged?

Allow me, to not brother too with references, statistics, and, may I rather stay [with] simple and clear facts, of the day. Recent developments in BRICKS nations, such as the new cyber cables passing the point of Africa, intended to circumvent cyber interests, has led to a 49% increase in cyber attacks, year on year, since 2014, resulting in huge remedial and reputational costs to many companies and governments, which form part of this 450 Billion losses, of 2016 not including the un-calculated damages, inflicted to citizens of the US and the Caribbean,

We should ask ourselves, why the St. Vincent, and The Bahamas cyber attacks, and what is the interest of militant groups fighting in the Middle East in these Geo special regions?

What is so significant and what has happened since? Allow me to say, “Do we all sitting here today, realize this significance, and threat it poses to the USA?”

Any further delaying, due to policy differences, is not in the interest of the US/Caribbean Strategic Engagement Act, It needs action and it needs Action Now.

CYBERPOL has determined that the these recent increasing Cyber attacks are both, Symbolic, and essentially, vulnerability exploitation based. If we look closely to the recent Terror attacks in Europe, ‘London Bridge, Notre Dame,” and many more, we would find that all of these TERROR attacks have one thing in common, strategic position and all have a “significant symbolic importance to the people of the world.”

This is not the ordinary known strategy in cyber war, but a cyber war that targets the very heart of our psychology, and more importantly, your economy.

When will it be too late?

When a militant group take control of a portion of the Caribbean, by a simple exercised cyber strategy?

The growing cyber risk in the Caribbean, that could in particularly affect the stock markets should be a high priority, as delaying send a weak message to the business and financial community, a message that indicates

” We don’t Care”

There are plans to promote co-operation between the TTSE, the JSE and the BSE for some time now, however a weak cyber defense in the critical infrastructure of the Caribbean, is the issue here. We have to remind ourselves what is at stake.

Therefore, the Caribbean stock exchange members, reflect the respective strengths, and especially, its weaknesses of the economies they serve. Given the entrenched problems and high levels of government debt that beset many of the governments in the Caribbean, it is difficult to envision, that most of the financial Institutions, could evolve in future, due to the pressing emerging cyber threats, as witnessed in the past two years.

These Cyber attacks, while seemingly matters none or of little consequence, were far from it. They revealed not just the lack of appropriate cyber security within government portals, but the existence of out-of-date IT and software systems, with the potential, and, which promulgate, the possibility of its government’s internal communications [having been compromised].

This effectively demonstrates the vulnerability that most Caribbean states, has to a cyber attack on its critical infrastructure, and highlights the absence of local expertise, and its financial resources, to address weaknesses, which ultimately will affect your current economy and the progress on the expansion of stock markets.

Here, today we have not spoken about the Panama issue, as it needs good questioning to reasons, and purposes, and most importantly, accountability. Whilst some focus on “Papers” we have to be reminded “a cyber data breach remains a data breach” no matter what, or how noble the purpose or intentions.

Again, the risk of adversary state actors against our allies, must not be undermined in the process that led up to these cyber events of the “Panama Papers”.

The purpose of the law, is to exercise and extend the rule of law, accountability and protection of those [ ] corporations in need; therefore exercising the rule of law and protection of corporations that suffer from cyber attacks is our duty, by moral and ethical standards placed in our power to oversee,

We urge the Senate here today, to take the lead and assist, in providing the necessary technical support and advice, to remedy these emerging problems that will affect our ways of life, in the very near future.

CYBERPOL is committed to international coordination and support in making such a high priority to educate, develop and nurture awareness in this respect.

What are the immediate solutions ?

A CYBER-CERT Emergency Response Team, is a crucial immediate solution to the critical infrastructure and risk of the Caribbean, that can detect and alert, the US and financial institutions of any such Cyber threats coming its way.

Can we afford a second cyber breach, that could infiltrate and take control of a cyber cable, These are things that need no delay. During my presentation later today, I will indicate, show evidence of the growing threat in the cyber world, that will with no reasonable doubt, shed confirmation that these cyber threats are real, and imminent [ ], in the regions of the Caribbean.

We believe, a CYBERPOL program based in these regions could oversee such risk mitigations and coordinate an effective Emergency response program, in the very near future with the support of the members of Congress presently here today.

I don’t want to speculate and warn about future predictions. That would defeat the purpose of us gathering here today.

Members of Congress and Citizens of America:

We have entered the Quantum Age. Allow me to re-assure you, that these threats are relatively minor in comparison, to those treats, that are laying ahead, coming our way!

These new threats are not a prophecy; it is not a question of if. It is only a question, of When it will arrive!

This brings us to the realization in the urgent need, for a higher understanding of the scientific revolution taking place at an unprecedented rate in our midst today!

We have to understand, that the internet is not a place for traditional policing, neither is it a place for any assumptions nor is it a gambling place.

Therefore, we have to realize the importance of changing our perception and set aside our differences now before it’s too late.

Perception holds the key to survival of both worlds.

What happened in Europe in the recent Terror attacks, are a strong signal for the Security risk of America.

CYBERPOL has an infrastructure to maintain and to be a strong partner of the people of United States of America. CYBERPOL will work together with the United States to mitigate and protect their citizens, both political and their economical interest with your unconditional support.

The United States of America has many strong agencies, and a very strong army, but the biggest problem of our time is trust for America.

CYBERPOL is here and dedicated to promote that trust.

Your reaction ladies and gentleman is mother of all prevention in the next steps in the fight against terrorism, which is against United States of America and humanity. Let’s react and react now before it’s too late.

We gathered today and recognized the need of assistance, collaboration and building this cyber threat awareness.

For this reason, we at CYBERPOL wish to bring you the support and understanding that we are here and will observe, deliberate and participate on your requests to find progressive solutions over the next two days in sharing with you the risks of neglecting the issue at hand.

We are all collective Cyber Power, a Cyber power that rules the empires of today, let’s do our job and prove once and for all, that

We Together, Are The Collective CYBERPOWER of CYBERPOL

Thank you.


President of ECIPS & CYBERPOL

For all Official Press Communications send to:CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Organization, General Secretariat, 13025 Danielson St,Suite 100, Poway, CA 92065, Unites States of America


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